About Us

Celebrating 60 years of service, locals and family!


Southern Haulage has been a truly family run business for sixty years which has now seen three generations through its employ. The thriving transport company started with brothers Peter and Tom who then handed down the reins to Peter’s son Chris and his wife Penny and has since introduced their three children, Lee, Shanon and Trent to the inner workings of their family business. 

Originally starting as Pavlovich Bros. Transport in 1959, the main focus of the business was to service the local farmers with their Bulk requirements.  Their first truck was a 5T Bedford and bulk was delivered in bulka bags!  Now known as Southern Haulage, whilst still staying true to their origins, they can now cart up to 122T GCM and are still serving many of the same local farmers from their beginnings.  When Peters son Chris worked his way through the reins, he saw the potential in other developments and grew the business into the areas of Timber Haulage, Civil Roading Works, Float Haulage and now Timber Harvesting.   

Being a standout, locally run business, Southern Haulage is proud to offer a number of jobs to the local community of which always includes apprenticeships in the areas of Mechanics and Fabrication.  

They also believe in giving back to the local community and sponsors many local sporting and community groups such as the West Plantagenet Pony Club 'Dressage Day', Narpanup Golf Club, Kendenup Golf Club, Cranbrook Show, Tambellup Bowling Club, Mount Barker Ag Society Horse Show and many more...